Going through a divorce doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.

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While going through a divorce, you have a lot on the line – emotionally, financially and personally. That’s why I strive to make each step as smooth as possible, and to direct you and your family toward a just result and a peaceful future.

Farroll Law has been helping clients in complex, high net worth divorce cases for eight years, and my focus has always been the same: to help men and women divide finances and other high-asset property in the most equitable way possible, while protecting the safety and comfort of their families.

Divided property may include:

  • Business Ventures
  • Real Estate
  • Bank Accounts
  • 401(k) or Retirement Plans
  • Trusts
    • Family Limited Partnerships
    • Subordinated Limited Partnerships
  • Licenses
  • Savings
  • Stock/Stock Options

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